WWE Smackdown spoilers & analysis: 16 September

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The ongoing interactions between Rollins and Sheamus suggest that a new rivalry may be brewing which would mean Sheamus may attempt to cash in soon (possibly at Night of Champions). However WWE would normally prefer cash-ins to be unexpected and exciting therefore its highly likely that Sheamus won’t cash in any time soon. Although it is possible that they will tease some sort of cash in attempt at NOC like Rollins did at last year’s event.

Sasha Banks was able to pick up yet another main roster victory over Team PCB, this time with her partner Naomi by her side. Charlotte will hopefully defeat Nikki Bella at NOC to capture the divas championship and ideally one of her first proper feuds should be with Sasha Banks because they have proven before that they can both deliver outstanding matches together.

The New Day once again showed off their entertaining work as heels on wwe Smackdown 17th september they continued to push their ‘Save The Tables’ match. The New Day has really gained a lot of momentum as of late and it will be interesting to see whether they drop the titles to the returning legends, The Dudley Boys. If they were somehow able to defeat the legendary tag team, if would be a huge push for them. Regardless of the result though, the match itself is still sure to be superb. Thanks largely to these two teams, the tag team division looks to be on the uprise again which is fantastic.

Cesaro still finds himself without any direction and lost to the Big Show in a pointless bout. Cesaro is one of the best current wrestlers on the roster and deserves to be properly utilised.

The feud between Owens and Ryback continued as the two prepare for their upcoming titles bout at the NOC event. Hopefully Owens will capture the title because he is a fantastic performer and could really bring back some prestige to the title. Ryback really hasn’t done much as champion so it would probably be best if he dropped the title to much more polished , interesting and emerging star in Kevin Owens.

The Wyatt Family and Reigns/Ambrose also continued their feud on this week’s episode of Smackdown as they prepare for their upcoming 6 man tag match. It will be interesting to see who Reigns and Ambrose have recruited to team with them. Numerous different names have been predicted such as Baron Corbin, Eric Rowan, The Rock, Randy Orton, Cesaro, Solomon Crowe, Kane, Samoa Joe among many others. Personally I would love to see either Crowe or Cesaro team with them although that probably won’t happen. More likely options would be Corbin or Rowan although it could still be someone completely different as well.

Please feel free to comment below who you think will team with Reigns/Ambrose at NOC to take on The Wyatt Family.

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