Applying To Teach A Course or Seminar

Do you teach a course or seminar that would fit within our mission?  If so, we'd like to hear from you.  If your course or seminar is accepted, we would assist you with marketing, but we may also expect some marketing effort from you.  This would be negotiated with you prior to approving the course.

Instructor pay is somewhat negotiable, but we generally aim at 33% of net (after materials) revenues going to the instructor.

Here are the criteria we will use to evaluate your course or seminar, and that we would ultimately need to have included in a course/seminar proposal:

  1. What is the topic?  How does it fit within and support our mission?
  2. Please provide a syllabus or course/seminar content description
  3. What would the format of the course be?  (Lecture, case, experiential, etc.)
  4. What would the delivery mode be? (On-line, in-person, video synchronous with remote students, etc.)
  5. What would the length of the course be?  (Number of meetings, length of meetings)
  6. Who is the audience for the course?
  7. What is the estimated potential market for the course?
  8. Is the course repeatable?  How frequently could the course be offered?  Would you consider delivering the course at other locations in our region under our auspices?
  9. Will the course qualify for Continuing Education credits for licensed professionals, or other certifications?  Is it already approved by those licensing or certification authorities?  Is the course connected to an external certification, such as from a professional institute?
  10. What are your qualifications to teach the course?
  11. Can you provide a budget for the course that includes the following:
    1. Per participant market-rate tuition
    2. Number of participants you would expect
    3. Materials costs (specify if on a course basis or participant basis)
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